MedTec have always sought to keep pace with technology and have made the transition from drawing board to computer through investment and training.

MedTec use industry, class leading animation software and are acknowledged experts when it comes to perfecting the final appearance of your models.

Photo realistic rendered images provide exceptional clarification when used in architectural services, exhibition displays, product images and design visualisations; each employing a different balance of features and techniques.
MedTec produce the highest quality renders at very competitive prices, which gives clients and potential customers the chance to gather a full understanding of how a product may look and work.

The 3D models provide an invaluable aid, which allows both the client and shop floor personnel to quickly grasp a concept or sell your product. We can add lighting, landscapes and any other features that further develop the realism and detail.

If you'd like like to make an enquiry with regards to our 3D visualisation service, please give us a call on +44 (0)1983 294974 or email dcarley@medtec.co.uk.

Using 3D design modelling greatly improves design quality because it's a more complete process than 2D design. As a result, many human errors that can occur with traditional 2D design methods are avoided, such as component collisions, incorrect quantities or parts that don't fit. Using some of the industry's leading software packages, MedTec are able to produce 3D models for early stage visualisations, concepts and to support 2D drawings.

MedTec endeavour to use the latest software to maximize efficiency and provide visually realistic models through to detailed manufacturing drawings. The use of 3D imaging, animation and simulation analysis gives full visualisation of how clients' products would look and perform before any commitment to the manufacturer is made.