MedTec Design have been providing CAD, engineering and design solutions for over 37 years with unrivalled expertise and a clear, progressive head start on experience. MedTec has provided CAD resource to a vast amount of companies over a variety of sectors, as well as offering an outsourcing service for contract design staff to work alongside clients.

Location presents no boundaries, and with a wide range of CAD software and the ability to access clients’ servers using file transfer protocol (FTP), we are ideally placed to resolve problematic design and draughting issues; and if necessary, offer the appropriate onsite training. MedTec have an exceptional track record for providing a supportive, one-to-one service, as well as the facilities to offer remote turnkey solutions at very competitive rates.

MedTec can support any stage of the design process with a driven focus on helping clients save money, reduce time to market and keep up with competition.

Over the years, MedTec has gained experience in a variety of software packages to accommodate client needs and will endeavour to provide staff with the correct skill-set to meet customer requirements.

Please look at our experience pages for further information about how we help our clients over a range of sectors.