In addition to stress analysis for structural requirements, MedTec can offer Modal Analysis of components to determine vibration issues, and Dynamic Simulation to allow investigation of driving forces and reactions in mechanisms.

MedTec's practical approach to simulation allows us offer a very competitively priced service. The initial simulations conducted during the design stages are charged at our standard drafting hourly rates. Therefore, clients only incur full professional fees if they require final simulations or calculations to be signed off by a chartered engineer.

For more information about our FEA service, call +44 (0)1983 294974 or drop us an email at dcarley@medtec.co.uk.

MedTec are able to offer customers Finite Element Analysis to simulate service conditions of parts or assemblies prior to manufacture.

Simulation is rapidly becoming an integral part of the design process, and the benefits of incorporating simulation in the early stages of a project can be very cost effective.

Using our simulation software we are able to work with clients to provide rapid initial appraisals of designs in order to highlight any potential problem areas or to make more efficient use of materials. Then, as the project progresses more detailed analysis can be undertaken to ensure compliance with specifications.