With over 15 years experience of digital measuring techniques, MedTec have helped many clients worldwide to inspect their products, or have carried out pre-acceptance inspection on 3rd party equipment.

MedTec are able to carry out on-site inspection and digital measurement of components and assemblies to ensure compliance with specification. Using our FARO digitising equipment with an accuracy of 0.03mm, MedTec are able to compare the actual component with the 3D model and find any non-conformance.

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In addition to dimensional measurements, MedTec are able to check geometric form such as concentricity, flatness or circularity. For complex shapes such as mould tools or vehicle bodywork, point checks and scans of surface contours can be carried out. In conjunction with our measuring capabilities, we are able to offer a reverse engineering service.

MedTec will capture the geometry of components and then work back taking into account the wear and tear, and produce manufacturing drawings to allow replacement parts to be sourced. Using this technique, MedTec have assisted many clients in extending the service life of equipment for which spare parts are no longer available.