MedTec can provide a whole range of design support, from concept illustrations to finished blade assemblies. We have a proven history of providing customers with quality CAD support across all project stages, from an idea to a certified flying blade set and everything in-between. We can also support with mould tooling, assembly jig, transport and test equipment design.

We have several clients that are major suppliers in the renewable energy sector, each requiring very different solutions from us here at MedTec.

For one client, we were required to carry out concept creation, design, FEA analysis and project management of test fixtures. These standalone test fixtures gave us the perfect opportunity to encompass our entire skill base, working very closely with the client and manufacturer.

Pleased with the successful implementation and completion of the first project, the same client returned to us for the next phase of their testing program. This required a new FEA study, and modifications to allow us to create an updated design based on the original, but to a different specification due new requirements. This new design is now running in conjunction with the original.

We are also working closely in a different area of expertise with another client, where we were initially tasked with some medium sized tooling design projects to encourage process improvement and reduce production time. This relationship has grown in the past year to see us taking on both a larger quantity, and tasks larger in complexity. We now have a relationship where we are tasked with identifying process improvements, discussing requirements with engineers, and concept creation through to final design with the option of manufacturing support.  Our latest project for this client sees further work in delivering more than just a drawing package, this includes user manuals, spares BOMS, FEA reports and risk assessments.    

MedTec's Experience:

Since the early days of wind energy, MedTec has proudly been involved in the development of composite wind turbine blades, supporting the top players in the wind industry with their goals to achieve better performing blades; increasing efficiency across their blade range and driving down the cost of wind energy.

For many years we have worked alongside customers to help develop new blade technologies and optimise existing ones, boosting their design team resource to enable them to keep up with the competition and reduce time to market.

We have vast experience in producing solid models and engineering drawings for all aspects of blade and blade components. We have assisted R&D facilities with drawings and documentation for prototype blade builds, as well as providing fully operational blade factories with production drawing packs, which include carbon and fibreglass layup drawings, glass ply and core material kits, glass cutting and laser projection files, blade assemblies and fully finished blade drawings.

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