MedTec can offer a complete range of services which encompass the whole design process.

While MedTec offers a full complement of services, the back bone of the company is engineering and design. MedTec has the expertise to operate a fully portable, five-axis digitising arm for inspection and design purposes. This equipment makes it possible to measure intricate shapes within tolerances equal to 0.03mm. The acquired data can then be used to produce detailed drawings or to evaluate mechanical properties. Offering this service means MedTec has helped many clients to extend the life of equipment for which spare parts are no longer available.

MedTec can provide short or long term CAD contractors within the majority of engineering design sectors, be it in the UK or further afield. MedTec invest in their staff to ensure every individual is provided with up-to-date training and remains fully comprehensive with new innovations. This, coupled with years of shared experience, sees MedTec employ only top class experts in their chosen vocations.

MedTec’s recent investment in industry leading 3D software suits a range of client designs and provides a visually powerful marketing tool. Prototypes and ideas can be converted into readily understood pictorial images, animations or 3D prints at a very reasonable cost, which can be used later as a basis for production drawing packages. With several companies landing major contracts which require these services, the demand for 3D imagery, animation, or 3D models has prompted an immediate response from our clients.

MedTec’s Animation and Render service is becoming very popular with our clients. Using some of the industry’s latest software, MedTec are able to produce photorealistic images and animations. These can be used for sales and marketing tools, to produce a far more dynamic website, or to inform your potential clients about a new product that will soon be on the market.